The Canadian Rockies and Bugaboos, Canada, 19-28 July 2007

View of Three Sisters from the Alpine Club of Canada clubhouse where we stayed while in Canmore.

Our plan to spend five days in the Bugaboos was immediately changed when we hit the access road and discovered the road was closed due to a land slide. We quickly came up with plan B which was to return to Canmore and climb in the Rockies.

Our new plan included climbing the Northeast Face of Ha Ling Peak a 12 pitch 5.6 with dubious protection and typical Canadian Rockies choss but nonetheless a great climb.

Peter coming up the 9th pitch.  The best pitch on the route.

Peter arriving at the 9th pitch belay.  

Hero Shot on summit of Ha Ling Peak

Our next few days was spent climbing around the Canmore/Banff area at Kid Goat and clipping bolts at Lake Louise.
This is Fiddler on the Roof, 5.9, Back of the Lake, Lake Louise

We finally make it in to the Bugaboo parking area and porcupine proof our car with chicken wire.

Scenic approach to Bugaboos.

Kain Hut

Peter with Crescent Towers (our destination) behind him.

Shot of Snowpatch and Pigeon Spires from the base of our climb.

Me on the second pitch belay of "Lions and Tigers" 5.8, 6 pitch.

Peter following up this great mellow climb.

Great finger crack on pitch 5.

Cruising to summit.

Hero shot on summit of central tower Crescent Towers.

Peter on Crescent Tower with (left to right) Snowpatch, Pigeon, Howsers, and Bugaboo spires in background.