Bunyan Mountain, Monson, MA

Getting there is the crux. There has been various ways to access the cliff over the years and all of them have become access issues. The current way to get in there is through Macomber Road.  Macomber Road is off Upper Palmer Road. The road looks like it goes through somebody's backyard but I'm told it is a public road and a sign that says "Not Maintained Proceed At Your Own Risk"  indicates such.  Park and find an indistinct trail to the top of the cliff.

There are trees just about everywhere at the top of the cliff to set up top-ropes. There are a number of good leads here although some of them are quite run-out.


See the 1989 Climbing article below for a description. Also below is a topo and route descriptions created by Al Rubin. The cliff ranges from 30 up to 90 feet and is approximately 1/4 mile long. The rock is granitic schist with little or no loose rock but there may be moss and lichen on some routes due to the lack of climbing. The classics here, in my opinion, are Serpent Crack and Blade Runner.