Local Climbing

Climbing in "Little Rhody" means climbing on diminutive cliffs or boulders. In the climbing community the state is only known for bouldering, primarily in Lincoln Woods. This web site does not include bouldering. I defer to boulderers to cover that and recommend Mountain Project as a source. There is a joke among locals that the best climbing in Rhode Island is in Connecticut. There are a few crags just over the RI border in CT that are included here because they are the main places Rhode Islanders climb.

Fine Print: Climbing is a dangerous sport. Involvement in climbing carries a significant risk of personal injury or death. The author of this website recommends that you get proper instruction before climbing on your own. The information contained in this site is in no way a substitute for proper training. Some climbing areas in this site lie on private land. These areas were included as a historical and informational source. It does not give anyone the right to trespass. Access issues are constantly changing. Please make it your responsibility to find out who owns the land and ask permission first, or do not climb there. While I have tried to acquire the most up-to-date information, rocks fall, routes change, bolts get cut, shit happens. Your use of this website indicates your assumption that it may contain errors and an acknowledgement of your own sole responsibility for your safety.

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