Durfee Hill Management Area

Take Route 44 west. Take a left on Route 94 (Reynolds Road). Go for about a mile and a half. Pass the brown sign and parking lot for the Durfee Hill Management Area. Park at the next pull-off on the left. Walk diagonally left (south) crossing the road. You will see a well-defined path on west (right) side of the road. Follow it to the crag which is only a hundred feet or so from the road.

There are numerous trees close to the top of the cliff to set up top-ropes. Practicing leading is possible in some of the vertical cracks.

The crag at Durfee Hill Management Area is approximately 25 feet in height and 100 feet in width. The rock is granite and has both horizontal and vertical cracks. There are distinct routes following the vertical cracks. You can vary the difficulty of the climb by moving a few feet right or left. There are a couple of fun roof problems.

durfee photo