Tuolumne Meadows, Yosemite National Park, California

July 21-27, 2002

Pywiack Dome - Guide's Route, 5 pitches, 5.7. Our first climb in Tuolumne and our introduction to climbing on Tuolumne "chicken heads" (small quartz knobs). Route goes up slab and finishes up off-width on the headwall.

Margie and Marilyn on top of Pywiack Dome. Tenaya Lake is in background. We never had so many people watch us climb as on this route. There was a steady stream of tourists pulling over and watching us through binoculars.

Lunch on the top of Pywiack Dome. Cathedral Peak is in the background.

Tuolumne Meadows with Lembert Dome in the background

Lembert Dome -- Northwest Books, 3 pitches, 5.6. Route was more "Gunks-like" then the typical Tuolumne slabs. If you look hard you can see a climber in a white shirt standing on top.

Marilyn reaching the top of Lembert Dome. The omnipresent Cathedral Peak in the background.

View of Tuolumne Meadows from the top of Lembert Dome.

John, Margie, Marilyn, and Brian on the trail to Cathedral Peak. Matthes Crest is in background.

Joe, John, Marilyn, and Margie pose in front of our climbing objective Cathedral Peak via the Southeast Buttress, 6 pitches, 5.6.

Margie and Marilyn on the very small top of Cathedral Peak. Wished I had a wide angle lens.

Eichorn Pinnacle. We had planned on climbing this after knocking off Cathedral but didn't have the time without hiking out by headlamp.

Tuolumne Marmot. These little pack-robbing varmits are everywhere.